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The Marshall Collections

6 Collections of the music of William Marshall (1748 - 1833) of Fochabers in Morayshire, one of Scotland's greatest fiddler-composers. These include the 2-volume Collection of Strathspey Reels etc of 1781-1793, Marshall's Scottish Airs, Melodies etc. of 1822 and the 1845 posthumous collection, with other smaller publications. Of the 317 tunes, at least 37 are repeated, often with different titles and changes in the music, but in the interests of historical accuracy we have printed each Collection in its entirety, along with a table showing the repetitions.

The tunes represent just one facet of the talents of this remarkable man - athlete, dancer, astronomer, clockmaker, surveyor etc - described by Robert Burns as the first (ie finest) composer of strathspeys of the age.

The book contains a foreword by James Alexander, Director of the Fochabers Fiddlers, and an introduction by Charles Gore. The Memoir published with the posthumous collection is reproduced. The music has been faithfully reprinted in clear type with the minimum of editing.

There are 165 pages, and the book is available in soft cover and possibly a limited edition hard cover if there is demand for a reprint of this version .

Marshall Collections