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The Shepherd Collections

William Shepherd (17?? - 1812), of Edinburgh, was designated in his marriage certificate in 1785 as a gentleman's servant, but by the date of birth of his second daughter in 1787 he is described as a musician. He had the First Collection of his compositions printed for him about 1793. In 1796 he began business as a music seller in partnership with Nathaniel Gow, trading as Gow & Shepherd, and the Second Collection was published by the firm in the early 1800s. Notices in the press after his death called for claims by creditors for a dividend from his estate - suggesting lack of commercial success. Glen comments "Although Mr Shepherd claims to be the composer of the contents of both Collections, it must be admitted that in some of his tunes there is a want of originality, while others show considerable excellence and taste in their composition."


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (1MB).

Countess of Dalkeith’s Favorite (The) 17
Countess of Loudoun & Moiras Strathspey (The) 21
Countess of Mansfield (The) 15
Hon. Mrs Buchanan’s Favorite (The) 16
Honble. Miss Cathrine Abercrombey’s Strathspey 16
Honble. Mrs John Ramsay’s Strathspey 17
Honble. Mrs Murray of Ellibank’s Strathspey 24
Lady Campbell of Ardkinglass’s Jigg 5
Lady Carmichael 14
Lady Carmichael’s Strathspey 14
Lady Caroline Douglas’s Favorite 18
Lady Charlotte Bruce’s Strathspey 9
Lady Charlotte Rawdon’s Strathspey 25
Lady Jane Montgomery’s Reel 17
Lady Lucy Ramsay’s Strathspey 14
Lady Montague’s Strathspey 21
Lady Montgomery’s Strathspey 16
Lady Susan Gordon’s Strathspey 12
Miss Abercromby 1
Miss Anderson’s Favorite 22
Miss Ann Dalrymple’s Strathspey 17
Miss Ann Graham of Fintry’s Strathspey 19
Miss Augusta Charteirs Strathspey 22
Miss Baird’s Strathspey 15
Miss Balcarres Lindsay’s Favourite 6
Miss Barbara Campbell’s Strathspey 14
Miss Barbara Stewart 2
Miss Boswell of Auchinleck’s Favorite 22
Miss Brown’s Favourite 5
Miss Buchan of Kellos Strathspey 14
Miss Buchanan of Cambusmore’s Jigg 9
Miss C.H. Baird’s Strathspey 21
Miss Campbell Park Place’s Reel 11
Miss Carmichael’s Jig 20
Miss Caroline Grant’s Strathspey 10
Miss Cathrine Abercromby’s Delight 2
Miss Charlotte Dundas’s Strathspey 6
Miss Charlotte Elliott’s Reel 15
Miss Christian Riddell’s Strathspey 16
Miss Clementina Stewart’s Strathspey 1
Miss Cockburn Hope Park’s Strathspey 3
Miss Colt of Seacliff’s Strathspey 9
Miss Cragie of Dumbarnie’s Strathspey 20
Miss Crawford’s Favorite 18
Miss Dalrymple of Fordel’s Strathspey 11
Miss Deans’s Favorite 19
Miss Dickson’s Strathspey 1
Miss Dinning of Newland’s Strathspey 17
Miss Drummond of Logiealmond’s Strathspey 4
Miss Dundas of Melville’s Strathspey 12
Miss Edmonstone of Newton’s Strathspey 8
Miss Elizabeth Mylne’s Strathspey 16
Miss Elliott’s Strathspey 15
Miss Erskine of Marr’s Favourite 10
Miss Fairfax’s Strathspey 20
Miss Fanny Stewart’s Strathspey 7
Miss Farquharson of Invercauld’s Strathspey 2
Miss Frances Drummond’s Jigg 4
Miss Geddes’s Strathspey 7
Miss Grace Speirs Strathspey 2
Miss Graham’s Jigg 4
Miss H. Wauchope’s Favorite 24
Miss Haggart’s Strathspey 5
Miss Haldane of Gleneagles’s Strathspey 9
Miss Hay Mackenzie’s Favorite 25
Miss Hay of Leys Strathspey 23
Miss Honeyman’s Strathspey 23
Miss Hope of Pinkie House’s Strathspey 10
Miss Hunter Blair’s Strathspey 22
Miss J. Dalrymple’s Strathspey 25
Miss Jane Hunter Blair’s Jig 26
Miss Jane Wedderburn’s Strathspey 5
Miss Joss’s Strathspey 3
Miss Kinloch of Gilmerton’s Reel 11
Miss Lamont of Lamont’s Reel 23
Miss Lamont of Lamont’s Strathspey 11
Miss Lindsay’s Strathspey 13
Miss Lundie’s Jig 19
Miss Macneil’s Favorite 26
Miss Madalina Maxwell’s Strathspey 11
Miss Margaret Buchan’s Strathspey 15
Miss Margaret Buchan’s Strathspey 15
Miss Margaret Graham of Gartmore’s Strathspey 4
Miss Margaret Robertson’s Jigg 12
Miss Margaret Seton’s Strathspey 19
Miss Mary Abercromby’s Strathspey 3
Miss Mary Ann Johnston’s Favourite 10
Miss Mary Buchanan’s Strathspey 18
Miss Mary Jean Home’s Strathspey 12
Miss Mary Stewart’s Strathspey 3
Miss Maxwell of Moriston 7
Miss Maxwell’s Strathspey 6
Miss Miller of Glenlee’s Strathspey 8
Miss Muir Mackenzie’s Favorite 26
Miss Murray of Ellibank’s Favorite 24
Miss Murray of Murrayfield’s Strathspey 13
Miss Nisbet of Dirleton’s Strathspey 12
Miss Preston of Fernton’s Strathspey 10
Miss Rae’s Strathspey 13
Miss Ramsay of Craigleith’s Favorite 23
Miss Scot’s Reel 23
Miss Scott of Belvue’s Reel 9
Miss Spence’s Favorite 26
Miss Stewart Flemying of Killichassy’s Strathspey 7
Miss Stewart of Allanbank’s Strathspey 4
Miss Stewart of Ballechen’s Favourite 1
Miss Stewart of Garth’s Strathspey 2
Miss Strong’s Jig 20
Miss Sutton’s Favorite 21
Miss Tait 6
Miss Wardlaw’s Favorite 24
Miss Wedderburn Colvill’s Favorite 22
Miss Wemyss of Wemyss’s Reel 13
Miss Williamson’s Jigg 8
Mr Crook’s Favourite 7
Mr Edmonstone of Newton’s Strathspey 12
Mr John Begg’s Favourite 3
Mr Rae’s Jigg 6
Mr Stewart of Ballechen’s Welcome Home 7
Mr Willm. Robertson’s Reel 8
Mrs Bruce of Kinnaird’s Favorite 19
Mrs Capt. Stewart of Fincastle’s Strathspey 8
Mrs Dundas of Arniston’s Strathspey 1
Mrs Edmonstoune of Newton’s Favorite 18
Mrs Garden of Dalgety’s Reel 14
Mrs Graham of Gartmore’s Strathspey 20
Mrs Hamilton of Pecaitland 6
Mrs Hoggan’s Strathspey 25
Mrs John Anderson’s Favourite 10
Mrs McKinlay’s Favourite 8
Mrs McLeod of Colbeck’s Strathspey 11
Mrs Monro Binning’s Favorite 18
Mrs P. Campbell’s Strathspey 25
Mrs Philip Dundas’s Reel 13
Mrs Samuel Anderson’s Strathspey 9
Wm Shepherd’s Lamentation for the Death of Sir Ralph Abercromby 24