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The Pringle Collections

John Pringle, born c. 1770, fiddler-composer of Edinburgh, published 2 collections: A Collection of Reels Strathspeys & Jigs (Edinburgh, 1801), Printed & Sold by J. Hamilton, No. 24 North Bridge Street, and A Second Collection of Strathspeys, Reels, Jiggs &c (Edinburgh, date unknown) Printed for the Author, to be had at his Lodgings, No 16 Rose Street.

The books were dedicated respectively to the Hon Miss Elliot and Lady Scott of Ancrum, both members of prominent Borders families, suggesting a connection with that area.


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (2MB).

Betsy Howison's Favorite 36
Bonniest Lass in a' the Warld, The 40
Charles Street Bath 25
Cut him down Susie, a Strathspey 17
Dance to your Daddy etc. ' with Variations 41
Dr Rutherford of Craigow's Strathspey 27
Ettrick Shepherd, The 24
Fertish Hill, The 38
Hawick Lasses, a Reel 17
Hawick, a Strathspey 35
Hendrie's Hornpipe 27
Honble Henry Erskine's Favorite 28
Honble Margaret Erskine's Reel, The 36
Honble. Captn. Elliot's Quick Step 12
Honble. Miss Catherine Elliot's Reel 9
Honble. Miss Elliot's Strathspey 1
Honble. Miss H Elliot's Dance, The 33
Honble. Miss H Elliot's Reel 1
Honey Moon, The 29
House of Gray - a Jigg (The) 13
Irish Wedding (The), a Favourite Dance 14
James Boick, a Strathspey 25
Kitty Tyrrel 28
Knit the Pocky ' a Reel 26
Lady Dalrymple Hay's Strathspey 37
Lady Jardine of Applegirth's New Strathspey 33
Lady Minto's Favourite 2
Lady Scott's Reel 20
Lady Scott's Strathspey 20
Lament for Lord Ballenden (A) 18
London Reel, The 22
Lord Minto's Waltz 13
Lord Palmerston's Favourite 9
Lord Seaforth's Strathspey 20
Loyal Edinburgh Spearmen's March, The 39
Marriage Morn, The 36
Miller of Drone - a Strathspey (The) 2
Minto House ' a Strathspey 21
Miss Adams's Reel 6
Miss Anderson's Favourite 14
Miss Ann Hay's Reel 19
Miss Balfour's Strathspey 29
Miss Barbara Campbell's Jigg 12
Miss Bonnar's Reel 30
Miss Caldwall's Favorite 22
Miss Cay's Jigg 18
Miss Charlotte Carruthers's Favorite 35
Miss Colquhoun's Reel 34
Miss Dallas's Strathspey 29
Miss Dalrymple Hay's Reel 7
Miss Diana Sinclair's Strathspey 15
Miss Duff's Strathspey 6
Miss E Wade's Reel 39
Miss Elizabeth Campbell's Reel 8
Miss Elizabeth Dewar's Reel 2
Miss Erskine Wade's Jigg 8
Miss Falconer's Strathspey 7
Miss H Erskine's Strathspey 23
Miss H Scott's Strathspey 37
Miss Haldane's Jigg 35
Miss Hope's Strathspey 3
Miss Jane Campbell's Strathspey 4
Miss Jane Hunter's Reel 37
Miss Jane Tytler's Favourite 4
Miss Jessy Dewar's Favourite 3
Miss Jessy Scott's Reel 3
Miss Julia Sinclair's Favorite 32
Miss Lilias Cunningham's Dance 15
Miss Lowis's Reel 4
Miss Macdonald Buchanan's Strathspey 32
Miss Maclachlan's Reel 5
Miss Maria Stewart's Jigg 31
Miss Maxwell Gordon's Reel 24
Miss Millar's Strathspey 30
Miss Napier's Reel 12
Miss Nisbet's Strathspey 38
Miss Norton's Reel 26
Miss Rollo's Strathspey 8
Miss Sandford's Jigg 11
Miss Scott of Ancrum's Reel 40
Miss Scott of Sinton's Strathspey 5
Miss Sherriff's Strathspey 25
Miss Stevenson's Strathspey 19
Miss Stuart of Allanbank's Strathspey 11
Miss Thomson of Leckybank's Strathspey 21
Miss Tytler's Strathspey 13
Miss Walker's Strathspey 5
Mr A R Sutherland's Reel 10
Mr Alexr. Campbell's Strathspey 17
Mr David Maxwell's Favourite 6
Mr Davidson of Cantray's Strathspey 10
Mr E Marjoribanks's Hornpipe 7
Mr E Marjoribanks's Quick Step 30
Mr Henry Rankine's Strathspey 23
Mr James Campbell's Strathspey 31
Mr James Jenkins's Strathspey 34
Mr John Scott's Reel 31
Mr Robert Hunter's Strathspey 19
Mr Samuel Macknight's Favourite 16
Mr William Jardine's Strathspey 14
Mrs Col. Ross's Reel 38
Mrs Hardie's Strathspey 26
Mrs Ingliss's Strathspey 23
Mrs Johnston's Reel 28
Muirland Willie 34
Neeps like Sucker, whae'll buy Neeps 42
Poltogue Jigg (The) 16
Prince of Wales's Fancy, The 33
Quick Step 39
Robinslaw 40
Sally Robinson's Favorite 24
Tarry a while 42
Tiviot Banks 1
Weel may ye a' be 42
Willie Pringle, a Strathspey 32
Wilton Lodge, a Strathspey 10