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The Petrie Collections

Robert Petrie (1767-1830) was born in Kirkmichael, Perthshire.

Glen writes "There is little known of his early history; but he was regarded in and about his native place as an excellent violin player, although from his personal habits and propensities he has been described as a "ne'er-dae-weel"".

He was found dead one morning by the side of a stream, having expired on his way home from a party. He published 4 Collections from 1790 to 1805, including a number of tunes for which he claimed authorship.


Click on the page number to download that page as a pdf, or you can download the entire collection here (2MB).

A Cotillion9
A Favorite Jigg47
A Favorite41
A Hornpipe7
A Quick Step35
Aberdeen Hunt Strathspe2
Aboyne Castle 11
Am Bodach a chianabh9
Athole House16
Auld Eage and young never grees the gather35
Banks of Cashhel52
Blackhall House, Quick Step19
Bob an' John44
Bodachan a Garie44
Braes of Tulliemet, or D. Dick's Favorite42
Capt Carrick's Reel23
Capt McKenzie; or Inverey's Strathspey17
Capt. Patrick McKenzie's Strathspey8
Caw the Wither to the hill40
Col Macbean's Reel20
Col. Gordon's Birth day21
Col. Mackay's Reel25
Collie Can or Hells Lum42
Coming through the Raye32
Corrimony's Strathspey19
Countess of Dalkeith's Strathspey30
Delgaty Castle8
Delgaty Ice House24
Delgaty Kenall17
Delvin Side24
Don-side or Mr. Chas.Forbes' Favorite45
Drown Drouth 11
Drunken Friday22
Dubh aig 'Chreabh, or Black at the Bone51
Duke of Perth's Reel16
Duncan Davidson21
Duncan Davidson34
Dunt the Ground at Leisure40
Dutchess of Athole's Reel24
Earl of Fife's Reel43
Earl of Glencairn's Strathspey32
Earl of Marshall's Reel14
Elslie Marly51
F. Garden Campbel, Esqr. of Troop & Glenlyon's Strathspey48
Forneth House Strathspey3
Forneth House33
Fox Maules birthday28
Francis Garden Junr's Favorite26
Gaelic Society of Perth (John Stewart of Garth's Favorite)49
Garden Shiel27
Garden Well25
Garthland House Strathspey10
Garth's Fireside44
Glenkelry Strathspey31
Go to the Devil and shake yourself39
Green Grow's the Rashes24
Green Grows the Rashes O!44
Green grows the Rashess33
He that has a bonny Lassie34
Honble Mr Gray's Strathspey18
Honble Mr Ramsay Maule's Reel14
Honble Mrs Maule's Reel13
Huntly Lodge28
I'll gang nea mear to yon Town31
I'll go no more to yon Town, or Mr Smith's favorite Reel21
Invercauld's Reel26
Invereys Strathspey11
Irish Shantruse47
Isle of Sky26
Isle of Sky31
John Roy Stewart23
Keep the Country bonny Lassie19
Keith more35
Kine Caldrums Reel33
Kirkmichael Ploughs Strathspey2
Lady Anne Gordon's Reel20
Lady Arbuthnot's Favorite46
Lady Harriot Hay's Strathspey17
Lady Harriot Hays Strathspey30
Lady Harriot Hope's Reel18
Lady Harriot Hope's Reel31
Lady Kinloch of Gilmerton's Strathspey50
Lady Madelina Sinclairs Strathspey36
Lennox Love, or Col Montgomery's Strathspey18
Lesley House Quick Step1
Light and Airie23
Lord Eglinton's Reel16
Lord Hay's Strathspey30
Lord Kellys Strathspey35
Lord Strathavens Strathspey34
Love in a Village32
Mair's Mo Luaidh (My Joy and my love)50
Mar. Hills Culcairns Strathspey39
Marquis of Huntlys Birthday27
Marr Hill's Strathspey4
Marry Kettay32
Master McDonald St Martin's Strathspey10
McBeat, or Mrs Small of Kandrogain's Favorite46
Measons of York, or the Cutting of the Sticks20
Miss Amelia Fleming's Strathspey46
Miss Ann Amelia Stewart's Strathspey15
Miss Charlotte Hall's Strathspey52
Miss Dirroms Strathspey37
Miss Drummond Logie Almond's Strathspey38
Miss Drummond's Favorite46
Miss Dunkanson's Jigg26
Miss E. Elders Reel2
Miss Elders Reel 11
Miss Elizabeth Ferguson's favorite38
Miss Farquharson (of Invercauld's) Strathspey16
Miss Farquharson of Invercauld's Jigg7
Miss Farquharson of Invercauld's Strathspey45
Miss Garden of Troop's Reel45
Miss Garden of Troop's Strathspey43
Miss Garden of Troup's Favorite36
Miss Gibsons Reel27
Miss Gordon (Dalgety's) Strathspey20
Miss Gordon of Abergeldie's Jigg5
Miss Gordon of Lasmore's Favorite42
Miss Gordon of Lesmores StrathspeyZZ
Miss Grant of Monymusk's Jigg7
Miss Hay's Reel18
Miss Kinlochs Reel37
Miss Macdonald of Barrodale's Favorite52
Miss Macdonald of Powder Hall's Reel51
Miss Mary Ann Whitefoords Strathspey29
Miss Mary Garden (Dalgety's)Reel21
Miss Maule's Strathspey13
Miss Norton of Norton's Strathspey49
Miss Norton's Reel50
Miss Rattray of Dalrullzian4
Miss Robertson of Claverston's Jigg48
Miss Rose Blackhall's Strathspey16
Miss Russell (of Blackhall's) Reel22
Miss Rutherfoord's Jigg9
Miss Stewart Derculloch's Reel7
Miss Stewart Dowally's Jigg3
Miss Stewart Menzies of Culdares Favorite46
Miss Stewart Mitchell's Reel12
Miss Stewart of Ederadeynat's Jigg49
Miss Susan Boggs Strathspey51
Miss Susan Spalding's Jigg3
Moll in the Wad38
Monaltries Reel8
Monaltrie's Strathspey9
Monaltries welcome home to Ballaters45
Money in both Pockets6
Monie MuskXX19YY19ZZ
Montrose Races13
Morpeth Rant22
Mortland's Reel22
Mr A. Campbell's Strathspey50
Mr Anderson's Strathspey25
Mr Duff (of Fetteresso's) Birth day21
Mr Garden (of Troup's) Farewell to France12
Mr Garden (of Troup's) Reel19
Mr Garden (of Troup's) Strathspey14
Mr Garden Junr (of Troup's) Strathspey14
Mr Garden's Welcome Home to Troupe House12
Mr Stewart Dowally's Reel7
Mr. Garden Junrs. Return & Welcome to Troop House41
Mr. Orquhart's Strathspey44
Mrs Capt. Stewart's Strathspey8
Mrs Dingwall of Brockly's Strathspey43
Mrs Duff (of Fetteresso's) Strathspey15
Mrs Dundas McQuiens Reel36
Mrs Farquharson (of Monaltrie's) Strathspey15
Mrs Farquharson of Inverey's Strathspey11
Mrs Farquharson of Monaltrie's Delight1
Mrs Farquharson's Jigg or Quickstep1
Mrs Ferguson of Raith's Delight6
Mrs Ferguson of Raith's Strathspey10
Mrs Fraser of Lovats Strathspey28
Mrs Fraser of Lovat's Strathspey3
Mrs Garden (of Troop's) Reel12
Mrs Garden (of Troup's) Strathspey13
Mrs Garden of Troop & Glenlyon's Strathspey42
Mrs Gordon of Aberdours Reel39
Mrs Gordon of Abergeldie's Strathspey5
Mrs Graham (of Ballgown's) Reel25
Mrs Harvey (of Broadland's) Strathspey15
Mrs Johnston of Woodhill's Reel4
Mrs Leith (of Glenkendy's) Reel22
Mrs Menzies of Coudares Reel41
Mrs Mony Pennys Reel28
Mrs Parker's Reel48
Mrs Rose Feughsides Reel29
Mrs Small of Dirnanean's Delight5
Mrs Small of Dirnanean's Strathspey6
Mrs Stewart (Kirkmichael)23
Nancy's Fancy39
New Bridge of Ballaters44
New Years Day15
O'er the Moor among the Hether40
Parody on Jessie of Dumblane49
Persie House Reel10
Perth-Shire Volunteer's Strathspey17
Petrie's Frolick47
Pop her away or Colonel Baird's Strathspey38
Pretty Peg52
Princess Royal35
R.Petrie's Lament for the late Mr. Garden of Troop41
Rattle the Bottles6
Round the World for sport38
Sally Kelly's Reel30
Stewart Robertson's Strathspey4
The Back of the Smithie42
The Birks of Abergeldy23
The Braes of Auchtertyre26
The Breas of Balwhither31
The Caledonian Hunts Strathspey33
The Carl Cam our the Craft40
The Chase34
The Countess of Sutherlands Reel39
The Crodhaig MacAllan or Neil Ferguson Esqr's favorite Air29
The Deils among the Taylors36
The Earl of Fife's Fireside47
The Gorans, or Colonel J. Robertsons Favorite Reel41
The Gordons has the Girrding o't29
The Lass among the Eatnoch40
The Marchioness6
The Morgan Rattler3
The Perthshire Volunteers48
The Princes Welcome to Inverness49
The Shippard's Wife32
The Soldier Laddie33
The Stewart's Rant50
The Stormount Lads is walking29
The Sutors Dochter37
The Swallow37
The Tore of Troup13
The Washer Woman4
Tipstaff Strathspey2
To my bed I wona gang34
Troup House18
Tullugh Ghoram43
Turriff Hunt Strathspey2
Wantoness for ever more5
Wemyss Castle Strathspey10
When Pettie came over the Glen48
Whistle o'er the leave o't40
Young Invercauld's Strathspey45