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The Glen Collection

Below are listed all 294 strathspeys, reels and jigs in the Glen Collection.

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Anderson's Rant
Athole House
Bargenny's Bowling Green
Barns of Clyde, The
Birthday 1790, The
Bishop, The
Bonnie Annie
Bonny Links of Aberdeen, The
Braes of Glendochert
Brechin Lasses
Bridge of Ballater, The
Bridge of Dee, The
Buckingham House
Caledonian Hunt, The
Cantie Crecket
Capt. Campbell of Carphen
Capt. Fife
Capt. Francis Wemyss
Capt. Hugh Munro
Capt. Lockhart of the Tartar
Capt. McDuff
Col. H F Campbell
Collier's Daughter, The
Collonel Crafurd's Reel
Coming Throw The Broom My Jo
Coriemonie's Rant
Countess of Airly
Countess of Breadalbane, The
Countess of Percy, The
Countess of Rothes
Countess of Sutherland, The
Crieff Meeting, The
Cut Him Down Shusie
Dod House
Drown Drouth
Duchess of Athole's Slipper, The
Dunkeld Hermitage
Dunnichen House
Dunse Castle
Earl of Bradalban's Birthday
Fair Field House
Fordell House
Fortingall Fairs
Fox, The
Glassa House
Gollochy's Farewell
Gooden Well
Greenend Park
Highland Plaid, The
Highland Skip, The
Highland Watch's Farewell to Ireland
Hilton Lodge
Hon. Capt. Maitland
Hon. Chas. Bruce, The
Hon. Miss Rollo, The
Honble. Miss Jessie A Ruthven
Honble. Miss Sempill
Honble. Mr. Fraser (of Lovat)
Honble. Mrs Campbell (of Lochnell)
Honble. Mrs F Gray
I Wish You Would Marry Me Now
Inverey's Rant
It Winna Do
Jenny's Babee
Jockey Club, The
John Roy Stewart
Kelo House
Kirkmichael Ploughs
Knit The Pocky
Lady Ann Maitland
Lady Baird's New Reel
Lady Betty Wemyss
Lady Burnside's Birthday
Lady Charlott Murray
Lady Charlotte Bruce
Lady Charlotte Campbell
Lady Charlotte Campbell
Lady Charlotte Campbell
Lady Dalrymple (North Berwick)
Lady Erskine
Lady Frances Somerset
Lady George Beauclark
Lady Georgina Gordon
Lady Glasgow
Lady Grace Stewart
Lady Hamilton
Lady Hampden
Lady Helen Douglas
Lady Louisa Gordon
Lady Madelina Sinclair
Lady Mary Hay
Lady Mary Lindsay
Lady Mary Montague
Lady Susan Gordon
Lady Wallace
Lieut. Abercromby
Lieut. Col. Lumsden
Loch Earn
Loch Ness
Loch of Forfar, The
Lord Down
Lord Eglintoune
Lord Elcho
Lord Elphistone
Lord John Campbell
Maclachlan's Reel
Major James Monro
Major Molle
Manderston House
Marquis of Huntly's Reel, The
Master F Sitwell
Miss Ann Monro
Miss Ann Stewart
Miss Anny Stewart, Bohally
Miss Barbara Cunningham
Miss Bartlet
Miss Bisset, Logierait
Miss Buchanan of Cambusmore
Miss C Elphinstone
Miss Campbell (of Saddell)
Miss Campbell of Monzie
Miss Campbell of Monzie
Miss Campbell of Saddell
Miss Campbell, Lochend
Miss Campbell, Monzie
Miss Cathrine Chalmers
Miss Charlotte Dundas
Miss Chirsty Stewart
Miss Christie of Durrie
Miss Clementina Sarah Drummond of Perth
Miss Clementina Stewart
Miss Clementina Stewart
Miss Dallas
Miss Dalrymple
Miss Drummond of Keltie
Miss Drummond of Logiealmond
Miss Dundas's Reel
Miss E Elder

Miss Edmondston
Miss Edmondstone of Newton
Miss Elder
Miss Eliza Forsyth
Miss Erskine of Torry
Miss Farquharson of Baldovie
Miss Fordyce, Ayton
Miss Gordon of Gight
Miss Gordon of Glastirum
Miss Gordon of Lesmore
Miss Grace Stewart
Miss Grant
Miss Grant
Miss Grant of Grant
Miss Grant of Kinaird
Miss Grant of Knockando
Miss H Hunter of Blackness
Miss Haldane of Gleneagles
Miss Hanbury's Fancy
Miss Henderson of Fordel
Miss Henrietta Abernethie
Miss Hutton
Miss Innes of Edingight
Miss Jane Wedderburn
Miss Jean Aberdein
Miss Jean Stewart
Miss Jean Stewart of Bohally
Miss Jeanny Williamson
Miss Jeany Abernethie
Miss Jessy Cuming
Miss Johnson, Pitworth
Miss Johnston
Miss Johnston of Hilton
Miss Katty Gordon of Earlston's Reel
Miss Katty Maxwell's Reel
Miss Katty Trotter
Miss Kinloch of Gilmerton
Miss Lamont of Lamont
Miss Lucy Campbell
Miss Margaret Campbell (of Saddell's)
Miss Margaret Gordon of Lessmore
Miss Mariane Oliphant (Rossie)
Miss Mary MacDonald of Clanranald
Miss McLauchlan
Miss McLean of Inverscadle
Miss McLeod of Colbeck
Miss Menzies of Culder
Miss Miller of Dalswinton
Miss Moncrieff of Pitlower
Miss Montgomie of Skelmorlie
Miss Murray of Abercarney
Miss Napier of Merchiston Hall
Miss Oswald of Dunakeer
Miss Robertson
Miss Robertson
Miss Sarah Drummond of Perth
Miss Scot
Miss Scott of Belvue
Miss Sophia Campbell
Miss Stewart
Miss Stewart
Miss Stewart of Allanbank
Miss Stewart of Garth
Miss Stewart's Reel
Miss Susan Elliot
Miss Susanna Baird
Miss Tinker
Miss Urquhart of Meldrum
Miss Watson
Miss Wemyss of Dundee
Miss Williamson
Mordington House
Mr A McWhinnie
Mr Bailie of Mellerston

Mr Charles Graham
Mr David Stewart
Mr Douglas of Brigton
Mr George Gordon
Mr Grant of Glenquich
Mr Grant of Kinaird
Mr Hanny of Bargaly
Mr J Rose
Mr James Ramsay
Mr John Smith
Mr John Stewart
Mr Johnson
Mr Lindsay
Mr MacDonald of Staffa
Mr MacDonald of Staffa
Mr MacIntyre of Glenoe
Mr Moore
Mr Stewart of Dalguise
Mr Stewart Oliphant of Rossie
Mr Stewart Robertson
Mrs A Macglashan
Mrs Anderson of Balgay
Mrs Baird of Newbyth
Mrs Crawfurd of Donside
Mrs David Patrick's Favourite
Mrs Farquharson of Inverey
Mrs Ferguson of Raith
Mrs Fleming of Moness
Mrs Garden of Troup
Mrs Garden of Troup
Mrs General Maxwell of Parkhill
Mrs Gordon Uvie
Mrs Gray of Quebec
Mrs Gregory
Mrs J Rose
Mrs James Campbell
Mrs James Duff
Mrs James Erskine of Kirkwall
Mrs Laird of Strathmartin
Mrs Leith of Glenkendys
Mrs Linley
Mrs McGhie's Reel
Mrs McLeod of Colbeck
Mrs Melvill, Dysart
Mrs Moray of Abercarney
Mrs Muir MacKenzie
Mrs Murray of Abercarny
Mrs Oswald (of Auchincruives) New
Mrs Ronald
Mrs Walter Biggar
Mrs Wills
Mrs Wright of Lawton
New Bridge Dumfries, The
Parks of Kilburnie, The
Pease Bridge
Perth-shire Hunt
Perthshire Volunteers
Rise Lazy Lubber
Road to Berwick, The
Rothemurches Rant
Sailor's Wife, The
Scots Bonnet
Sir Alexander Don
Sir James Grant
Sir Jas. G Baird Bart.
Skene of Skene
Spring Field
Stuart's Rant, The
Tibby Fouller O' The Glen
Tweeddale Club, The
Wedderburn House
Wemyss Castle
Whistle O'er the Leave O't
Woo'd An' Married An' A'
You're Welcome To Your Feet Again

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